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Nes Ammim's volunteers are not just working in this amazing place. Besides working in our hotel, kitchen, technical service or garden, they get the opportunity to participate in a unique study program. Together with living and working in Nes Ammim, the study program is the most unique way to really get to know Israel, its history, cultures and challenges. Read more and apply today.

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Annual Report 2012

'A group of Christians that not only supported Israel and the ingathering of the Jews with words and money, but by planting their feet in this land.' That’s how a journalist summarized his opinion about Nes Ammim. And he is quite right. Although the activities of Nes Ammim have changed in five decades, from agriculture to dialogue, the aim of being a vital ecumenical-Christian community in Israel have always remained the same. Encounter, hospitality, learning and dialogue are the leading inspiration of Nes Ammim, a village that developed countless good relations with people of diverse religious and cultural backgrounds in Israel, the Galilee in particular, and abroad. The annual report reflects in particular on the year of 2012. But with the same ideology and purpose as in previous and next years: trying to be a banner - a sign of hope - in this beautiful country. Not only with words and money, but by planting our feet in this land.

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Nes Ammim offers challenging volunteer positions for a period of 4-12 months. Accommodation and meals, monthly pocket money, laundry service and a fascinating study program are included. Are you a positive and adventurous person with a hands on attitude? Would you like to experience the community life abroad, learn about other cultures and meet interesting people? Are you available per July, August or September 2014? Then don't hesitate and apply!



Nes Ammim in The Jerusalem Post

'What attracted me in Nes Ammim, is the idea of living together, Jews and Arabs, in a neutral place where people come here for 50 years from all parts of the world.' Yoseph Mubarki, an Arabic educator who had ties with Nes Ammim since childhood, in The Jerusalem Post (May 2013).

Please read the whole article about Nes Ammim here.


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